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Square Grouper Fishery and Beware the Trawling Net

“Now, the Everglades is….is…a tourist attraction.  Back then, when I was growing up, it was fun.  It was wild.  It won’t nothing like what you see now.” I’m talking to the weekend gator show guy at Corey Billie’s, or, he’s … Continue reading

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Tonight I’m Gonna Tell You a Story. This One’s Called “The Moluccan.”

    There was once a middle aged man named Barrett who had never married, and a terrible thing happened to him.     He fell deeply, madly, and soulfully in love with a young woman named Lucia.  He loved … Continue reading

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Everglades Wildlife Report: Traffic, Knotty + the Suitors, and “Skunk Ape” the TV Series

There are many wonderful components of working in the semi-outdoors (I spend the majority of my time in a van), one of which is not tourist traffic of southwest Florida.  People in Florida are either old, on Spring Break, or … Continue reading

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Convergence of the Unfathomables

Something to do with monsters.  Monsters and humans and the interchangeability of the two. Something to do with serpents, dragons, ancient reptiles. Something to do with flying and different sight abilities than what we understand currently.  There are different ways … Continue reading

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