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I can tell you the exact moment I knew I wanted to be a writer.  I was in 11th grade, in Mrs. Helen Nicholson’s American Literature class, and she was demonstrating different techniques of writing by contrasting Ernest Hemingway paragraphs … Continue reading

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Wildlife Report: Season’s Over/Jesse’s Gone, Knotty’s Nest?, Lucy and The Knucks

So, the tourist season for 2012 ended on Monday.  Cristina says the dolphin tours are still going strong, but we’ve seen a drop off in folks wanting to go to the Everglades.  Not to put too fine a point on … Continue reading

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Speak to Me of God, and the Almond Tree Bursts into Bloom

Oh, wild things, come. Put me inside of your heart, lay me at the altar of your mind. * Beloveds, enjoy these photos I took during my wonderful day off spent at the Naples Zoo. I find myself contemplating the … Continue reading

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A Few Notes about Mating Season and Talking with Animals, as the Author Attends to her Leg

By my calculations, I drive roughly 823 miles every six days.  That’s about like driving from Ft. Myers, FL, to my hometown of Rocky Mount, NC, every week.  I spend about 70 hours a week working, most of it in … Continue reading

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Wildlife Report: Knotty’s Nest, Bootsy, Pythons in the Freezer, and Jesse

“Yeah, my first wife, I met her down in Texas.  She’d just moved down there with a good friend a’hers, that Tate woman who was murdered.” Jesse and I are sitting side-by-side in cheap outdoor chairs from Lowe’s looking across … Continue reading

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